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BlueARP plugin v2.5.3 released Win & OSX

BlueARP v2.5.3 released Windows & OSX. Mostly a bugfix release to align with the BlueARP DM, but still some improvements.


1. BugFix: chain variations don’t switch reliably for input condition ‘input keys’ or ‘input notes’
2. When ‘page lock’ is on, changing pattern page doesn’t reset the lock as it was (this way it is easier
to edit long pattern page-by-page while keeping ‘page lock’ on)
3. Pattern page buttons replaced with typical ‘dragBox’ control, with the added right-click menu to copy/paste
pattern pages (the menu duplicates the one available via MENU button)
4. ‘arp state’ and ‘operation mode’ swapped on the GUI to make it consistent with the hardware GUI
5. ‘arp. latch’ checkbox replaced with dragbox, new value ‘latch+sustain’ – latches input chord and sustains
generated notes, works great for guitar picking patterns
6. BugFix: crashes when order algo = ‘chord, normalized’
7. BugFix: aftertouch condition for chain variations didn’t work reliably
8. BugFix: crashes or freezes with order algorithm = ‘chord, normalized’

BlueARP DM firmware update will follow next.