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BlueARP DM is available for order since January 29, 2022, from my partner’s store SSSR Labs at


Order page for BlueARP DM blue semi-transparent version:

Retail price for the blue one is 730$ + shipping (should be under 50$ for most of the countries). I know this is quite expensive, but I can’t make it cheaper at this point, cause BlueARP DM units are hand-manufactured in small quantities and everything gets quite costly. Even at this price point my margin is fairly small – I need to sell a few dozens just to get back my R&D costs. These units will likely never be mass-produced like synths from mainstream brands, cause it is a very niche device. On the other side, if it fits your workflow – you will get quite a unique piece of gear.

White version of BlueARP is available for pre-order as well, at 790$ + shipping (for pre-orders placed till Feb 24, 2022 price stays 750$ as I declared initially). I had to increase it because of increased material prices and limited supply for this ‘white on black’ acrylic. Also a black color choice may appear in a few months, I am working on this, I hope to fabricate it locally and it will likely be cheaper than blue.

You can contact my selling partner at for payment details and shipping. Or just make on order right away – it will allow to make orders only for the amount of units in stock, then it will start to indicate “out of stock”.

Waiting List

If you see “out of stock” status and you are ready to wait, consider joining the waiting list. Drop me e-mail me at, tell me your location (country/city is enough) and which version (blue or white) to schedule for you. I will write back and tell you the estimated date when your unit will be shipped. When your unit is manufactured and ready to be shipped, we (me or my partner) will ask you to make a payment; your unit will be shipped in 2-3 days after receiving a cleared payment. Now (February 2022) the waiting time is around 3-4 months.

There’s no obligation to buy when we reach your position on the waiting list if you decide not to go ahead at that time. Still we kindly ask you to inform us if you changed your mind.

PS. Regarding stability of the hardware and the firmware – please note that I had a beta-testing program for more than 1 year at this point, 6 pre-production units were sold at a discount to people in several countries, they were using it, reporting bugs and giving me ideas (youtubers Ranzee and Marshal Arnold are among them). No serious hardware issues were found and some firmware issues were fixed. So the device should be pretty stable at this point. Plus, I’m dedicated to fix all the issues in the future.

I got a few questions – will it be available cheaper as a kit. The answer is – No, at least for the near future, maybe somewhere in 2023-24. Assembly is still pretty tricky and requires some fine soldering, I will get lots of negative feedback if I release it as a kit. I hope to solve a few technical problems and then I will probably do it. Now I had two choices – make it available for purchase at this ‘higher than average’ price or not making it available at all, so I think at least some people will be able to get it. I’m not planning to release it as open source either, at least for the next few years, cause I have affiliations with some software vendors and I can monetize the plugin a little bit (the plugin itself remains freeware, I have no plans to make it commercial, except maybe iPad version, if it will ever happen).