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BlueARP plugin downloads

version 2.3.9 (Sep-03-2022)

version 2.3.8 (Jan-08-2022)

Since v2.3.8, all plugin formats for a specific OS are in one package. Download the package and take the folder you need.
Use ‘*Notarized’ OS X package if you have OS X Catalina and above.

Package contents:

Win_VST2 – Windows VST2.x version, 64-bit
Win_VST2_Legacy – Windows VST2.x Legacy version*, both 64-bit and 32-bit (Windows XP compatible)
Win_VST3 – Windows VST3.x version, 64-bit
OSX_VST2 – Mac OS VST2.x, 64-bit, Universal binary (Apple M1 & Intel), OS X 10.9 or later
OSX_VST3 – Mac OS VST3.x, 64-bit, Universal binary (Apple M1 & Intel), OS X 10.9 or later
OSX_MFX – Mac OS MIDI-FX (to use in Logic Pro), 64-bit, Universal binary (Apple M1 & Intel), OS X 10.9 or later

*Since v2.3.8, plugin ID and name has changed (before: ‘7dWx’, ‘BlueARP.x64’; after: ‘BArp’, ‘BlueARP’) to make it uniform across all formats. If you have problems opening your saved projects, use ‘VST2_Legacy’ version instead (you can use ‘VST2’ and ‘VST2_Legacy’ together). But it is recommended to use ‘VST2’ version for all new projects, cause vst2_legacy version will be supported only for a few upcoming releases.

If you have security problems on Mac, try the older notarized version:

Important note for Mac users: you need to reboot or logout/login after installing the MFX version of BlueARP plugin in Logic. Otherwise Logic won’t see it, I got quite a few complaints on this already (as of Dec 2022) 

Older versions are available for download HERE in the archive section

Operation Manual

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