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BlueARP_DM_v2.5.3 (21-Apr-2024)

Note for Firmware v2.5.3: it is not yet reflected in the manual, it will be updated in a few months. But except the new drum sequencer mode, there are no major GUI-related changes.

Firmware version is displayed in the bottom of the page 10. SYSTEM.

To update: put this file to SD Card’s root folder, insert in into the unit, power it on holding the SHIFT key. You should enter the ‘firmware update’ screen. Proceed according to the on-screen instructions. For more detailed description of the update procedure, refer to the ‘Appendix’ section of the manual.

Note for beta-testers who got their units in year 2020/2021: likely they have the older bootloader, you have to rename the firmware file to ‘bluearp_dm.bin’ (the older bootloader only accepts this file name). You should press PLAY key instead of SHIFT on power-up. After the firmware update, please update the bootloader as described. The subsequent firmware updates will be normal, without need to rename the file.


bootldr_dm_v102.bin (30-May-2021)

Note for beta-testers: if your unit has the older bootloader, you have to update to firmware v2.3.8 first and then update the bootloader (earlier firmware versions can’t update the bootloader).

Operation manual

English (EN)
BlueARP DM Operation Manual v2.5.3 (27-May-2024)

Русский (RU)
BlueARP DM Operation Manual v2.5.3 (27-May-2024)

Editor application (21-Apr-2024) (21-Apr-2024)

OSX update v.2.5.3 for the editor app coming soon, currently have some problems with the notarization

Unpack it anywhere and run BlueARP_ctrl.exe on Windows or on Mac. BlueARP DM should be connected to PC via USB cable and ‘enable USB PC port’ setting should be enabled on page 10. SYSTEM. For more information on the editor app, check ‘Appendices’ section of BlueARP DM Operation manual.

Older versions

available HERE in the archive section