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BlueARP DM v2.5.3 Firmware update + explanation video

Finally, BlueARP DM Firmware update containing all the new features and fixes from BlueARP plugin version 2.5.x: drum sequencer mode, chain variations, various GUI and workflow improvements.


1. Updated to all new features in BlueARP v2.3.8 – v2.5.3 (check BlueARP plugin change log for details), but in short
– chain variations (sub-chains, triggered by notes, chord changes and other configurable conditions)
– drum sequencer mode, another operation mode, deqigned for drum pattern sequencing
2. Added new page ‘P1. BASICS’ which contains operation mode and other essential settings, all other page numbers
were shifted right (P1. IN.FILTER becomes P2.IN.FILTER etc.)
3. Pages ‘IN. FILTER’, ‘ARP’ and ‘OUT FILTER’ were reworked to look like in the plugin (not exactly, but the arragement
of the GUI elements is the same)
4. All pop-up menus (via click ‘OK’ on any element) were aligned with the plugin. Not 100% the same everywhere, but
I made them as close as possible
5. Lots on minor GUI fixes, like pop-up menu positions, fixind suboptimal drawing routines, etc.
6. Added ‘pattern page’ element to STEPS page (both arp and drum mode)
7. Pressing both Left+Right buttons toggles page lock mode (while before it toggled page scroll).
Page scroll can still be triggered from the pattern page element’s menu (‘PG 1/4’ element on STEPS page)
8. First item on almost all popup menus is now ‘value list..’ (select value from the list), so double click almost
always invokes value list (alternative for encoder, but this way you can see all the available values)
9. ‘send bank’, ‘send program’, ‘send volume’ params are now relevant for chain, but not for chain variation
(cause there’s not much sonic value to make it chain variation dependent)
10. New ‘xox toggle’ option in popup menu, allows to toggle each step value between the selected value and the default one,
using step buttons and LEDs. It is close to xox-style programming on drum machines.
11. For ‘KEY SELECT’ and ‘OCTAVE’ lanes in polyphonic mode, press SHIFT for grid/xox editing mode. With SHIFT off,
it will change the monophonic value, just like in monophonic mode.
12. To rotate pattern with Page Left/Right buttons, you have to press and hold SHIFT. Otherwise, it will switch pages
(to make it possible to switch pages with SHIFT is on, so you can switch pages while in alternative edit mode)
13. Faster increment with SHIFT removed
14. arp.latch checkbox replaced with editBox, wew option ‘latch+sustain’ which not only latches the input chord, but also
sistains generated notes until next chord comes in. it works nice for guitar picling arpeggios.