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BlueARP DM v2.5.3 Firmware update + explanation video

Finally, BlueARP DM Firmware update containing all the new features and fixes from BlueARP plugin version 2.5.x: drum sequencer mode, chain variations, various GUI and workflow improvements. Changelog: 1. Updated to all new features in BlueARP v2.3.8 – v2.5.3 (check BlueARP plugin change log for details), but in short – chain variations (sub-chains, triggered […]

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BlueARP plugin v2.5.3 released Win & OSX

BlueARP v2.5.3 released Windows & OSX. Mostly a bugfix release to align with the BlueARP DM, but still some improvements. Changelog: 1. BugFix: chain variations don’t switch reliably for input condition ‘input keys’ or ‘input notes’ 2. When ‘page lock’ is on, changing pattern page doesn’t reset the lock as it was (this way it […]

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