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What is BlueARP DM

BlueARP DM (DM stands for Desktop Module) is an advanced 8-channel pattern arpeggiator with a core derived from BlueARP plugin (which has been around since 2012). This is a result of 6 years of development (since 2016) and 1 year of beta-testing and fine-tuning. It is a boutique device, hand-manufactured in small quantities. Currently available in two colors: semi-transparent blue and white with black engravings:

BlueARP DM delivers 8 independent arpeggiators (or instances) in a single box; each of these instances is essentially a separate BlueARP plugin. It shares the core logic programmed in C with the plugin, but delivers rock-solid MIDI timing, thanks to its powerful Cotrex-M4 ARM CPU, and some extra stuff like CV/Gate connectivity to modular synths. BlueARP DM has plenty of connectivity for such a small box:

  • 2 midi input and 4 midi output ports;
  • USB A port accepting USB-MIDI controllers;
  • 4 analog outputs acting as CV or gates;
  • analog input to accept pulse clock from the modular;
  • SD Card to store and recall presets;

BlueARP DM a self-contained hardware device: you can edit, save and recall arpeggio patterns on the unit without a computer. Its interface a ‘old-school’ and it was inspired by early-days music computers and hardware sequencers. Still there’s enough space on two large 256×64 pixel OLED screens. For example, this is a pattern editing page:

This is ‘ARP’ page, one of the look-alike parameter pages, not much different from the plugin either:

You can see that on the hardware unit the logic is not much different. So, those who used BlueARP plugin, will master the hardware GUI quickly.

Most of the controls can be automated (assigned to the external controller), just like ‘midi learn’ functionality in any DAW:

BlueARP DM offers some cool stuff over its plugin counterpart: for example it can be a MIDI message monitor, showing you all incoming and outgoing notes, CC, RPN and NRPN messages:

This is another cool visual showing arpeggiator at work: input keys are highlighted ones, falling lines represent the notes generated by the arp:

If you want to have ‘best of both worlds’ – you can use BlueARP control app – an editor software for the BlueARP DM, which looks just like the BlueARP plugin.

The control app uses SysEx messages over USB-MIDI for full-duplex communication with the unit. Edit, store and recall your presets from the computer, then detach the unit and go DAW-less.

BlueARP DM is made by a gear freak for gear freaks! Yes, you can do most of the stuff with BlueARP plugin running in your DAW, but this is all about fun and inspiration, about that feeling when you have some real instrument with its own character and limitations.

BlueARP DM may be the right tool for you if you’re ticking these boxes:

  • You are looking for a tool to drive your synths in a DAW-less setup;
  • You are into arpeggiator-driven electronic music genres;
  • You want to control the harmony of your synth parts while performing, not just switch pre-recorded patterns;
  • You enjoy using BlueARP plugin and look for something alike in the hardware realm;

Information on pricing and availability of the BlueARP DM is available HERE

Some specs for the BlueARP DM

  • 8 arpeggiator instances running in parallel;
  • Up to 128 programs for each instance (each program holds a pattern);
  • Up to 64 steps per program;
  • Up to 16 chains per instance;
  • Each chain can link up to 8 programs;
  • Up to 16 meta-chains, each meta-chain holds chain numbers for each instance;
  • 6 MIDI inputs and 12 MIDI outputs in total;
  • 4 voltage outputs with ±10V range (each acts as a CV or gate);
  • 1 voltage input to receive pulse clock;
  • SD Card slot to store and recall presets;
  • USB-MIDI connectivity to the PC/Mac (device mode) and to MIDI controllers (host mode);

Support and updates

Check the download section HERE to get the latest firmware updates and manual for the BlueARP DM.

BlueARP DM demo videos

Demo videos by the developer:

Demo videos by Marshal Arnold: