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home for BlueARP pattern arpeggiator

Since BlueARP plugin if provided at no cost, I support it in my free time (which depends on my dayjob intensily) and I can’t guarentee fast response. But I’m doing my best to fix bugs and listen to the users feedback. Currently the best place to post bug reports, feature requests and questions is the BlueARP’s thread at KVR audio forums, it is up since 2012 and still active:

Before asking a question there, please check the manuals in the download section, they are available in several languages.

Since I can’t accept PayPal anymore, I’ve set up a Dogecoin wallet, so if you use it, you can donate me some doge to support this project.


support BlueARP with Dogecoin


The other ways to contribute are:

  •  Get the hardware BlueARP DM if you are more hardware-related musician/hobbyist like me, there are just a few dozens of BlueARP DM’s in the world as of 2024, so you are guaranteed to have a pretty unique and rare device;
  •  Make some explanatory posts/videos on BlueARP, since I never have enough time to create enough tutorial videos myself.