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BlueARP plugin v2.5.2 released + updated manuals + explanation video

BlueARP v2.5.2 released, ChangeLog:

1. BugFix: Apple M1 version in Logic had some memory (BAD_ACCESS) errors which were tolerated on some systems, now should work fine, tested in Logic 10.7.7 and MainStage 3.6.6
2. Note naming changed to sharps for all black notes (i.e. ‘D#’ instead of ‘Eb’)
3. Added ‘P’ mark to drum lane notes, cause it is stored per-program
4. Added ‘Clone till the last’ option to program right-click menu (’01 / 128′ label on top right), so you can bulk-copy current program to all the remaining slots
5. Chain variations logic – now it will check all chain variations and if 2 or more fulfill the condition, the last one will actually trigger. This way it is possible to create rules with exceptions, like root key E is var1, except Esus2 chord which is var2
6. Added new options to chain variation conditions – ‘lowest velocity’, ‘highest velocity’ and ‘aftertouch’
7. Adjusted GUI scale logic. For sub-4K screens (width < 3840px) added 250% and 300% scaling options, for 4K screens (width >= 3840px) scaling factor is automatically doubled (no changes here), so 200% is actually 400%

Updated Operation manual in English and Russian, check the download page (also unpated English manual is included into the zip package).

Long video, explaining all new features in v2.5.0, v2.5.1, v2.5.2