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BlueARP plugin v2.5.1 released

Mostly bug fixes and minor improvements:


1. For right-click value selection, currently selected value is marked with a check mark
2. BugFix: BlueARP freezes when switching to dummy thru program with 0 steps
3. Added right-click value selection to all GUI controls, not only to dragBoxes
4. When switching operation mode (arpeggiator /drum sequencer) there is a confirmation
dialog saying that it will erase all the current programs
5. BugFix: when chain has 1 step and it is playing, changing program for that step didn’t
actually change it
6. When curChain is automated and it receives the same value, chain re-triggers
(shown as ‘1 -> 1’, like switching to the same chain).
There’s a safety interval of 1 beat to avoid glitches
7. In the right-click menu on ‘current chain’, there is an option to select chain from the list.
On playback, the chain selected this way will trigger immediately (whthout quantization)
8. Improved long chains editing. When you click on a chain sequence and the playback is stopped,
it will switch to that program. When ‘page lock’ is on and the arp is running, clicking on a
chain step will switch to that step and it will keep locked until you uncheck ‘page lock’
9. Added 175% GUI scale option
10. BugFix: BlueARP v2.5.0 VST not recognized in FL Studio on Mac (v2.3.8 din’t have this problem)
11. Minor GUI improvements for OSX (fonts, margins) – now in HiRes it looks exactly the same as on Windows,
at the expense of slightly worse look in standard resolutions. This is because there’s no ClearType
on Mac and I had to bolden the fonts to make GUI look better, but now most of the people have HiRes displays
12. BugFix: BlueARP midiFX not saving state in Logic Pro X and MainStage
13. Improved parameter Get/Set methods on Mac, fixed some warning in auval
14. BugFix: in arpState=Thru and sustainMsg=arp.latch it passed only up to 5 notes, now up to 16