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BlueARP v2.5.0 released for Windows & OSX

Two big features added in BlueARP v2.5.0:

  1. Drum sequencer mode
  2. Chain variations (sub-chains, triggered by chord or key changes)

Excerpt from ChangeLog:

1. Added DRUM MODE, where BlueARP acts as a drum sequencer with few extra options like ‘trigger probability’
and ‘dynamics’
2. Removed coarse/fine velocity option, now it is is only five velocity, but there’s
an option to quantize values if you want it like the old way
3. Removed sustain msg = ‘sustain’ option, it was confising and musically useless
4. Added ‘notes off’ button, which clears output note buffer and sends ‘All notes Off’ MIDI message
5. Program can be changed my dragging program number laber ’01 / 128′ with a mouse or wheel,
also it can be automated like ano other control
6. Right click on program number ’01 / 128′ gives the same menu options (like Copy, Paste, etc.),
but faster (no need to dive into MENU -> Program)
7. Right click on chain number gives the same menu options for chain (like Copy, Paste, etc.),
but faster (no need to dive into MENU -> Program)
8. Reworked right-click menu for all other params. Except ‘Reset’ and ‘Press MIDI key’, right-click
menu now contains value selection. For params like gate % will large number ov values, you have
selectable options like 10%, 20%, 30% etc.
9. All param boxes now have left and right arrows (instead of drow-down for some), you can still select
value from the list via right click. So now instead of pressing the down arrow, you right-click and select
the value. For params with 30+ values like gate, a coarse selecion is available (like 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.).
10. Mouse wheel adjustment works equally for all values, scroll up to increase and down to decrease
(old logic – for params with menus – scroll down to decrease)
11. For automation and bank data structure, step lanes were rearranged in natural order as they apper in the GUI,
from bottom to top. So if you automated any of step-related params, you may need to re-automate them
(sorry, I had to do this to prevent further potential problems)
12. ‘Cut’ option for Chain and Program replaced with ‘Duplicate’. Duplicate creates copy of the current
Program or Chain, shifting the rest to the right.
13. ‘OMG: DrakBlue’ skin is now default (hardcoded into BlueARP), old default skin moved to skins.ini and
now called ‘OMG: LegacyBlue’
14. Right-Click for VST3 behaves like for VST2, it shows BlueARP’s popup menu, but it is still possible
to call popup menu from Host by choosing option ‘VST3 popup menu’ (old logic – popup menu from host).
This is more convenient imho for heavy usage, cause most of the time you will use popup menu to set values
and only rarely – to automate controls etc (which can be done via VST3 popup menu).
Note: not all host implement this so nothing may happen, but FL Studio implements it, for example
15. Now BlueARP VST3 works as an insert effect in Samplitude Pro X8 (tested in v19.1.1), VST2 didn’t have
this problem and works as well
16. Added slower sync options – ‘1/2’ and ‘1 bar’