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Further update on BlueARP shipping

Due to unpredictability of the situation I suspended the shipments for now.

Not that it is impossible, but this is too much PITA right now. Shipping can still be done to most of the courtiers, except some countries that suspended postal connection with Russia on their side. As for May 7, 2022, these are Finland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and some others. So I can’t ship to these countries and I don’t have any proxy locations at this point. For the other countries, shipment is still possible. The main problem is receiving a payment. Paypal no longer works here and some banks are sanctioned.

Opening accounts in other banks is quite a gamble cause there’s no guarantee they won’t be sanctioned next. So I’m waiting for this turbulence to settle down a bit, but I can’t make any predictions. If you are eager to get BlueARP DM and you are ready to try alternative payment methods – contact me, I will try to offer some alternative options.