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Changes due to global situation and sanctions

The project was suspended for a few weeks due to the events started from Feb 24.

Now my selling partner can’t accept payments via paypal anymore, but bank wire transfers still work and there are a few other more tricky ways to pay. Russian post still sends to almost all countries, there are no additional export restrictions from Russian side. I had shipments to the US and UK after it all started and they were delivered in a few weeks.

I will still try to serve my pre-orders, the price won’t change for those who preordered. I have a few blue and white enclosures in stock, but since I ordered them from the US, now it is too risky and expensive, so I will look for the local alternatives, there are few. I’m thinking about black enclosure with white silk-screen, there’s a possibility to manufacture it locally.

White units from batch 3 are already built and tested, I will contact my customers shortly and ask if they are still in the game. I expect at least a half of them to drop out, but anyway I’m committed to to serve all my current pre-orders and give all these customers a chance to get their BlueARP DM. The only thing – I’m not sure I can offer the requested color, I will propose black instead, or maybe enclosure-less version (so the customer can order the color of choice himself).

This whole situations will affect chip prices even more, so it can affect BlueARP DM project even more. I have enough STM32 chips in stock to serve my current pre-orders though.