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BlueARP DM preorders: schedule

So the ‘surge’ of preorders falls down, I can plann the things out, see below. I duplicate this message here is case you can’t see it ad modwiggler’s

White units seem to be trendy, I got more preorders for white, around 70%, only 30% for blue.
Since I have limited supply of white enclosures, I will serve blue units first.

If you made a preorder, you should have an e-mail from me with the info, to which batch number your unit is assigned. And below – see when it is going to be ready. My current plans are:

batch №1 (blue units) sold out, on the way to customers. This was the 1st one.

batch №2 (blue units) will be ready around 22.02.2022 (22th of Feb). I have all the parts, PCBs are 50% ready, all it takes is to finish the assembly, test and pack them.

batch №3 (white units) will be ready around 15.03.2022. White enclosures are on the way, I have a few parts out of stock (like audio jacks), but usually they are delivered within 3 weeks. All the crucial parts (like STM chips and displays) are in stock.

batch №4 (white units) will be ready around 05.04.2022. I have concerns about STM32 chips supply (there are out of stock in many places), but I have a few options to try, so hopefully I will sort this out.

So if anything changes here, I will try to keep you informed.